What's My Story?

The common thread running through my career has been resilience - the ability to engage with life, sustain our performance, rebound quickly from adversity,and learn from these experiences. For over 20+ years I’ve worked as an embedded psychologist in some of the world’s largest tech companies. Before that, I led a motley crew of medics, psychologists and exercise physiologists researching the resilience of high achieving young athletes. Now I feel it’s time to find ways to reach a wider audience. To bring the insights, skills and technologies commonly leveraged by large companies to anyone who needs them, to you.

Activating Resilience

Many of us strive to be better. We want to be better friends, partners, wives, husbands or parents. We want to be more successful at work, to be noticed or to feel more confident and less like an impostor. The difficulty for many of us is that our desire for self-improvement is driven by a story we tell ourselves so many, many times during the day. The 'I'm not good enough story'. I want to help you recognize these stories for the fiction they are. I’m driven by three things, a passion for psychology in service of personal growth, a desire to put a substantial dent in the growing number of young people suffering from mental health issues, and using technology as a way to address the inequality in access to mental health programs and services. My intention is to see clearly, with compassion, and my purpose is to help each and every person activate the ‘ordinary magic’ of resilience.

Show Up and Make a Difference

Psychologist Anna Masten observed that resilience is ordinary magic. Most of us have the capacity to cast a spell not only to weather adversity but to come though it richer for the experience. So why should you read my stuff, pay attention to anything I might say or buy into how I could help or support you in your quest to become more resilient and grow as a person? Here are some reasons why. My philosophy is based on some qualifications (I have a few) my experience (I have quite a bit) and my passion to make mental health, personal growth and wellbeing accessible to anyone, and a mainstay of people lives (I’m pretty driven on that score). My approach is based on a therapeutic technique called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a smattering of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a helpingof Design Thinking and a very low bar for BS. I’ve found this approach works because it positions personal growth and professional development as a form of personal innovation. We achieve most things in life by taking committed action: having a plan, breaking the goal into smaller parts and understanding things rarely go right the first time. I hope you find the content on my site thought provoking, interesting and entertaining. Most of all I hope it helps you make a difference.

Media & Expertise

Recent media, education and training - just to show I do know what I’m talking about 😉