Resilience and the Kindness of Others. Give Thanks for People who Believed in You

We live in a world of greater expectations: we are both self obsessed (am I enough?) and preoccupied with the views of others (do they think I'm enough?).The answer? Activating resilience. Resilience is the critical life skill. I'd go so far as to suggest that without resilience, it will be very, very difficult for you to flourish in the performance extreme of modern day work and life.- Anna Rowley

4 Ways to Stop the Hassle Slowing Down Your Hustle

When we think about stress or adversity, we tend to think about the big things: getting a new job, moving, serious illness, getting married. Psychologists have studied the toll these major life-events have on our health for years. However, the impact of life's daily hassles on our mood, well-being and hustle is less understood...