Are You a Quitter? Studies Show How Giving Up Can Be A Resilient Choice. ✊

As much as we lionize persistence, and use determination or having ‘grit’ as a cultural yardstick, disengaging, or making a choice not to persist may just be the best thing for you, and rather than suggesting some personal failing, represents instead the characteristic of being resilient.

Resilience; Decision Making

Resilience Hack #5: Make a Hard Decision

Resilience really comes down to two things – making a hard decision to engage with adversity. Our last hack will move you from making a soft, handy-wavy choice to maybe, perhaps, act, to making the hard decision to take committed action! Here’s how to become a resilient, decision making boss.

Resilience Hack #4: Emotional weather forecasting 🌈

What does the weather look like today? Chance of feeling gloomy? Foggy thinking? Periods having a sunny disposition? Today’s hack is about being your own emotional weather forecaster.

Resilience Hack #3: Carry out a mental declutter

The Japanese have a word for it: KonMari. A discipline of tidying our belongings so that we keep ‘only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy’. This simple method has sparked a revolution in choosing what to keep and what to discard in our homes. Why not use the same philosophy for self-care?

Learn how to engage with adversity, sustain your performance, and triumph in your work & life.

Resilience Adventure
Resilience; Distancing

Resilience Hack #1: Absence may make the heart grow fonder but distance definitely promotes better self-care.

One of the biggest problems preventing us from activating resilience is our failure to manage how we feel. One way to put our feelings in their place – as a passenger providing information not in the driver’s seat choosing our destination – is to use psychological distancing.

emotional constipation

5 signs you are emotionally constipated

5 signs you are emotionally constipated.

4-Steps to Acquiring a Resilient Mindset

4-Steps to acquiring a resilient mindset.

Values, Self Worth, Feeling invisible

Lost and Found: 5 Ways to Overcome The Pain of Invisibility

Feeling invisible is a painful experience. It’s often related to the belief that we are ‘not enough’ as we are, or that we are an imposter: the constant fear someone in authority will tap us on the shoulder and say they made a mistake hiring, promoting, or just being friends with us. How do we give ourselves the gift of being found, or of being enough?

Resilience Hack #2: Choose not to live in an affection desert.

Studies show many of us are living in an affection desert when it comes to touch. In this resilience hack you will learn how to get in touch with the benefits of touch so you can self-soothe your way out of an affection desert.

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