What’s My Story?

Many of us strive to be better. We want to be better friends, partners, wives, husbands or parents. We want to be more successful at work, to be noticed or to feel more confident and less like an imposter. The difficulty for many of us is that our desire for self improvement is driven by a story we tell ourselves so many.many times during the day. The I’m not good enough story. I want to help you realize these stories for the fiction they are. I want you to be resilient!


The common thread running through my career has been resilience – the ability to engage with life, sustain our performance, rebound quickly from adversity,and learn from these experiences. For over 20+ years I’ve worked as an embedded psychologist in some of the world’s largest tech companies. Before that, I led a motley crew of medics, psychologists and exercise physiologists researching the resilience of high achieving young athletes. Now I feel it’s time to find ways to reach a wider audience. To bring the insights, skills and technologies commonly leveraged by large companies to anyone who needs them, to you.


Finally, I’m driven by three things:


  • A passion for psychology in service of personal growth.
  • A desire to help young people making better choices about their psychological health and well being.
  • Using technology as a way to provide access to high quality training in self-care and well being.


Current Status

Current Status

Founder Anna Rowley Consulting. Consulting psychologist to tough tech; entrepreneurs; founders; and Enterprise technology companies.



  • PhD London University
  • MPhil Loughborough University
  • BSc Loughborough University


  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Foundation & advanced training.
  • Institute of Group Analysis, Foundation Course.
  • Behavioral Psychotherapy, Maudsley Hospital, London.

Learn the deeper motivations behind your leadership style.


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